Events & Trainings

Who would benefit from this course:

  • Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of a transformational energy healing practice to self-heal and help others.
  • People interested in simple and effective holistic approaches to improve their emotional and physical well-being.
  • Individuals curious about how to use energy and ancient techniques to create more harmony in their lives.
  • Someone wanting to connect with their higher self and create more spiritual awareness.
  • Those who are looking to deepen their connection to their body and cultivate self-love.
  • Wellness professionals seeking new alternative healing tools that are safe and effective.

What you will learn in day of healing

  • The Six Sacred Self-Healing Practices that help us to deepen our personal healing and spiritual awareness, including meditation, visualization, sound work, breathe work, movement, and sacred ceremony.
  • The Acclaimed One Light Healing Touch “Nine Point Protocol” that teaches us how to perform healings in a protective and ethical manner.
  • Scanning, Radiant, and Distance Healing, three profoundly effective healing techniques that will help us to heal our family, friends, clients and ourselves

What you will learn In basic training

  1. TEACHINGS ON THE NATURE OF ENERGY: A thorough presentation of the principles, laws and sacred uses of energy.
    – Grounding: Many of our spiritual issues are caused by dissociation from the body.
    – Clearing the Field: Cleansing and securing our auric field is essential in avoiding the imbalances caused by holding onto the energy of clients and other people.
    – Eliminating Obsolete Programming: Releasing our emotional blockages is key to all personal growth and especially in healing work.
    – Strengthening Our Connection to Source: Accessing Source teaches us how to live, how to know our purpose for being, and how to find our place in the world and is vital to all healing work.
    Thirty Self–Healing Practices including: Meditation, Visualization, Sound work, Breath work, Movement, Sacred Ceremony, and a range of Shamanic and Prana-Yama Breath Techniques, and much more.
    Twenty-five Advanced Healing Techniques including: Archangelic, Chakra, Color, Heart, Magnetic, Past–Life, Radiant, Male and Female, Distance Healing Techniques and much more.
  5. THE NINE POINT PROTOCOL A unique teaching created by Ron Lavin, on how to work with another soul during a healing, in an ethical, elegant, healing and empowering manner.