You don’t need to possess a spiritual inclination to experience the benefits of healing energy. Much like you don’t have to comprehend the intricate workings of gravity to experience a fall, you don’t have to fully grasp the concept of energy healing to benefit from it. I encourage you to approach it with an open heart and an open mind for the most significant advantages. Energy healing is something that can be embraced at any moment, as it has the capacity to unblock stagnant energies, leaving you feeling lighter and more joyful. It can effectively dispel stress and tension, paving the way for profound relaxation. Furthermore, it amplifies the body’s innate capacity to mend itself and enhances overall vitality. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden injury, a chronic health condition, or seeking relief from pain, energy healing can be a valuable resource. It also has the potential to eradicate negative emotional and mental thought patterns. And even if you’re already feeling well, there’s always room for improvement in your well-being! It’s crucial to remember that energy healing is a complementary practice that should not replace any Western medical treatments you might be undergoing.


Energy healing draws its foundation from the scientific principles we were introduced to in high school physics. When you comment on a person’s “good vibes,” you’re essentially referring to the vibrational characteristics of their energy field. Happy individuals resonate at a higher frequency, and you can perceive this resonance. Locations, too, emit their own vibes. Stepping into a room where a heated argument recently occurred may envelop you in an unsettling energy that compels you to depart. The beach, with its salt, a natural energy cleanser, and the constant movement of the air, exudes a light and positive vibe. Furthermore, the beach’s atmosphere resonates at a higher frequency, contributing to its serene and uplifting aura.



In the coming days or hours, I kindly request that you start keeping a journal for jotting down any thoughts or questions that cross your mind and that you’d like to discuss during our session. Having these thoughts written down can prove to be a valuable asset in your journey towards healing.

Additionally, I’ve shared a link to a video titled “The Healing Field.” If you find the time, I encourage you to check it out: Link.https://www.gaia.com/share/clcfeio1g0076015d096c2lst?rfd=cRZPTx&language[]=en

During our healing touch session, I will commence with a centering process aimed at calming the mind, accessing a sense of compassion, and ensuring that I am entirely present with you. My focus will be directed towards your highest well-being.

I firmly believe that this process helps balance and realign the flow of energy that may have been disrupted due to stress, pain, or illness. To prepare for our sessions, please refrain from consuming alcohol the night before. Wear comfortable clothing and come ready to discuss your health goals. Are you seeking relaxation and stress management, relief from a specific symptom like nausea or pain, or are you getting ready for surgery or another medical procedure? You’ll derive the maximum benefit from our session if you can be specific about your healing needs.