Energy healing is all about spiritual and mental growth, and taking matters into your own hands to heal. At Harvester of Healing, we believe in making a shift in your life that encourages personal growth. Our energy healing courses are designed to encourage the user to dive into more. The trained professionals have years of hands-on experience and identify all the troubling aspects to remove the negative energies. Energy healing courses online or energy healing training online can also be of great help to people searching for spiritual growth and mindfulness.

It is a holistic practice to activate the body and its energy system to remove blockages. Our body naturally produces a lot of vibrations, which emit energy. This energy is the running aspect that we check in every energy healing session. Every individual is different; hence every energy healing training is personalized according to the conventional practices. Your body is limited, which means healing energy sessions are customized, and every session brings out a new potential to help you evolve into a new setting. The body absorbs everything it consumes, which means that everything we see or observe impacts our life-limiting the potential to be productive. 

Energy healing session costs are defined, and the time for slots is addressed as soon as you book an appointment. Our sessions are full of mindfulness and personal growth, which means you will feel relaxed and calm. There is nothing more satisfying than understanding your body’s true potential and then working accordingly. We allow you to connect with your inner self, align the body in all aspects and resonate with the vibrations. Every healing method is different and targets different regions and organs of the body. Famous healings include crystal healing, quantum healing, reiki healing, etc.



This training is perfect for individuals seeking profound healing in their body, mind, and spirit. It is also ideal for those who wish to acquire the skills of proficient energy practitioners. Moreover, it will enhance your intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, vitality, health, and overall sense of joy. By embracing this training, you will open yourself up to your Higher-Self and attain higher levels of spiritual awareness. As a result, you can release outdated programming, pain, and disruptive energies, and experience a transformation that makes you more grounded, focused, empowered, loving, and fully alive. This training caters to both novice and advanced energy practitioners and respects all spiritual traditions.

Ron Lavin, MA, eloquently describes the essence of this training: “When we align with Source, we begin to function from a place of infinite peace, love, courage, and boundless energy, thus contributing to the upliftment of humanity and the fulfillment of the world.”

The training is divided into various sections, tailored to suit different locations and the specific needs of the instructor. It provides invaluable tools for individuals involved in holistic practices and anyone on a journey of personal growth and self-healing. Our approach is comprehensive, multi-faceted, heart-centered, and grounded in our pursuit of health and healing. We incorporate a wide range of advanced Esoteric, Shamanic, and Holistic hands-on healing techniques, as well as self-healing practices. Additionally, we offer Sacred Initiations into Higher states of consciousness, enabling us to heal ourselves and extend that healing to others.

  • Energy healing sessions represent a sacred and holistic practice in which practitioners channel the life force to help patients rebalance, heal, and eliminate blockages within the body. These sessions aim to restore the body’s natural energies of flow, harmony, and vitality through careful maintenance and treatment.


  • Are you wondering if energy healing is a suitable choice for you? If you’re a human residing in a physical body, the answer is a resounding yes. Energy healing is a practice that can benefit anyone interested in unlocking their full potential and harnessing the energies within their body. It transcends boundaries of age, demographics, gender, and personal preferences. It’s a resource available to anyone who may be facing challenges in their physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional well-being, as these sessions can offer valuable insights and support in achieving greater clarity and balance in one’s life.

  • The advantages of our healing sessions are numerous, especially for individuals who are dedicated to personal growth. Our services offer solace and relief to anyone grappling with physical or mental distress. We recognize that emotional and mental challenges are significant battles that must be confronted in order to achieve a profound state of well-being. Each healing energy session serves as a valuable tool for comprehending and fostering individual understanding and independence, providing vital support on the path to personal growth and well-being.

  • The process is simple, and it works based on understanding the human field. It is a dynamic system with a powerful influence on your mind and body. Our bodily functions are connected, maintaining a consistent pathway that fulfills your energy requirements. Every practitioner addresses blockages and opens up the right channels that produce high-level vibrations to optimize healing.

  • After undergoing energy healing sessions, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of fatigue, often making you crave a rest or a nap. During these sessions, the process of energy correction occurs, and as negative energy frequencies are released, your body’s energy system gets temporarily disrupted. This disruption is a part of your body’s journey towards realigning with a new energy frequency, one that differs from the previous state.

    The side effects of this realignment are typically quite mild and can be seen as your body’s way of manifesting the release of negative energy as it embarks on its healing journey. Some of the most frequently reported side effects by individuals during or after energy healing sessions include, but are not limited to, having vivid dreams related to healing or resolving emotional or physical issues, experiencing dreams concerning the healing of specific relationships or past emotional traumas, sensations of heat, bouts of nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, numbness, tingling, emotional releases ranging from brief anger to laughter, and so on.

    It’s essential to bear in mind that these side effects are just your body’s way of shedding old energy frequencies and patterns in its pursuit of genuine and lasting healing. Whenever you embark on significant changes in your self-healing journey, regardless of the method you choose, there may be side effects. Even simple changes in your diet can trigger such symptoms. Importantly, these side effects are not harmful, and they may come and go in phases over a few days to a week or may not occur at all.


  • A session is an open-ended experience where various reactions occur – laughter, tears, and fluctuations in temperature are all possibilities. It’s often best to approach it with an open mind and no specific expectations, allowing for a unique and individual journey of personal growth. Our therapy sessions are thoughtfully structured with the practitioner playing a central role. They’ll engage in a discussion with you about your expectations and intentions for the session. Your part is to simply relax, dressed in your regular attire while lying down on a table. The practitioner will then work with their own energetic aura to create a holographic representation of your body, cells, and organs, making each session a distinct and personalized experience.

  • During these sessions, most individuals experience a serene and restful sleep, heightened awareness of their inner energies, or a profound sense of meditative stillness. These moments provide a deeply relaxing opportunity for you to embrace your vulnerability. The session typically spans 90 minutes, commencing with 15 minutes of preparatory meditation, followed by the healing process, and concluding with another 15 minutes dedicated to post-session reflection. All you need to do is connect with your inner self and surrender to the transformative power of this practice.

    Throughout the healing sessions, it’s common to confront and process uncomfortable emotions and past experiences, as this is an essential part of the healing journey. I create a safe and welcoming space where you can explore these feelings with a sense of security, understanding, and acceptance. While many of the energetic transformations may not manifest on a physical, mental, or emotional level immediately, your task is to trust the process.

    Rest assured, I am here to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout this journey. I often help shoulder the energetic burdens you carry, ensuring you don’t have to navigate them alone.

  • Distance healing indeed works on the principles of energy and intention. The idea that healing can transcend physical distance is fascinating and something many practitioners and individuals believe in. The comparison to music from a distant concert is an interesting analogy to convey how energy can affect us despite the spatial gap.

    The concept of healing energies and vibrations being channeled across distances is a core principle in many alternative healing practices. Whether it’s Reiki, therapeutic touch, or other modalities, the belief is that a healer can direct healing energy to a recipient regardless of their physical proximity.

    While some may find it hard to grasp the idea of healing without physical contact, the experiences and reported benefits of distant healing have prompted many to explore and even embrace these practices.

    For those open to such concepts, the ability to receive healing or positive energy from a distance can be a great relief, especially if they cannot access traditional in-person sessions. The effectiveness of these methods might vary from person to person, but many individuals report positive outcomes and feelings of wellness following these sessions.

    The gradual progress and positive outcomes experienced by patients over weeks reinforce the belief in the efficacy of these distance healing sessions.

    If someone is open to exploring alternative healing methods, this approach might offer a unique and potentially beneficial way to improve their overall well-being. The key is finding a reputable and skilled practitioner who resonates with an individual’s beliefs and needs.