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In a healing touch session I will begin with a centring process to calm the mind access a sense of compassion and become fully present with you. I will focus my intention on your highest good.

I belive that this process balances and realigns energy flow that has been disrupted due to stress, pain or illness.

Try not to consume alcohol the night before. Wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to discuss your health goals. Are you seeking relaxation and stress management, relief from a specific symptom such as nausea or pain  Or are you preparing for surgery or other procedure? You will get the most out of your session if you can be specific with your healing needs.

People have many different reactions to an energy healing. Some people feel nothing, others describe sensations of energy moving, deep relaxation, or feelings of being supported. Some have visions of images and colors. Some patients experience and emotional release such as tears or they may develop a greater insight into specific areas in their life.

You remain fully clothed during a session and typically lie down, stand or sit comfortably in a chair. The session may last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes for a full body treatment or as little as 5 to 15 minutes for a localized treatment or specific injury.

All sessions follow a basic format:

  • Discussions

In the beginning I will ask about your symptoms and what you hope to gain from the session.

  • Centering 

I start by becoming “grounded” in order to become completely focused, present and fully open to the process of engaging with you. The centering process is similar to my entering a meditative space.

  • Connecting 

Centering is followed by “attuning” or connecting with a higher power of universal life energy source allowing the energy to flow in me and through me for the highest good.

  • Treatment 

I first begin by “scanning” your energy by running my hand just above the body noting any sensations or imbalances I experience. I then choose the technique I feel best suits your healing needs. This may require light touch or sweeping hand motions over your body.

  • Grounding 

At the end of the session I will “ground” you and bring you back to an alert state by gently tapping your shoulder.

  • Evaluation and Feedback 

At the end of the session I will ask how your feeling and any descriptions of sensations or experiences you had. I will share with you anything I sensed and we can discuss any self-care techniques or further treatments you may benefit from.