This training is presented in various sections, depending on the location and the Instructor’s needs. It offers invaluable tools for everyone in the holistic arena and all those seeking personal growth and self-healing. We take a comprehensive, multi-leveled, heart-centered and grounded approach towards health and healing. We work with over 33 advanced Esoteric, Shamanic, Holistic, energetic, and hands-on healing techniques to heal ourselves and others, to Sacred Initiations into Higher states of consciousness; and over 50 self-healing Practices. This innovative and liberating training that enhances our abilities to know, to express and fulfill ourselves, and to help others grow and evolve. The Training includes a range of unique techniques of transformation that allow profound change to occur by helping us to release long-held programming and subconscious energy patterns. The One Light Healing Touch™ practices and techniques increase our health, awareness, joy, creativity, intuition and other psychic abilities, deepen our spiritual connection, and help us to fulfill our Purpose for Being.

The Training Includes:


2. PREPARING AND CLEANSING THE HEALER – Grounding: Many of our spiritual issues are caused by dissociation from the body. – Clearing the Field: Cleansing and securing our auric field is essential in avoiding the imbalances caused by holding onto the energy of clients and other people. – Eliminating Obsolete Programming – Connecting to Source: Accessing Source teaches us how to live, how to know our purpose for being, and how to find our place in the world. -The Nine Point Protocol: A unique teaching created by Ron Lavin, on how to work with another soul during a healing, in an ethical, elegant, healing and empowering manner.

3. SELF-HEALING PRACTICES Fifty Self–Healing Practices including: Meditation, Visualization, Sound work, Breath work, Movement, Sacred Ceremony, and a range of Shamanic and Prana-Yama Breath Techniques, and much more.

4. ENERGY HEALING TECHNIQUES TO HEAL YOURSELF AND OTHERS Thirty–Three Advanced Healing Techniques including: Archangelic, Chakra, Color, Heart, Magnetic, Past–Life, Radiant, Male and Female, Distance Healing Techniques and much more.

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Dates: Jan 14, 2022 – Jun 12, 2022
Takes place every 4 weeks, total of 18 sessions