Grief Recovery

Welcome to my journey through healing. As a wife, Mother, and Grandmother, my life’s chapters have been a testament to transformation. From tumultuous beginnings marked by challenges—teenage pregnancy, abusive relationships, and battles with addictions and mental health—I embarked on a quest for inner peace.

In 2008, I found love, a beacon of hope that illuminated my path to a better self. For 15 years, our profound connection fostered growth until tragedy struck, wrenching my partner away through a sudden heart attack. I found myself adrift, grappling with an overwhelming darkness.

The following years were marked by a perilous dance with mortality. Sepsis, a life-threatening blood infection, pushed me to the brink not once but twice. Struggling to cope with the loss, I sought solace in alcohol and other addictions, evading the unbearable pain, grief, and emptiness.

Suppressing emotions proved unsustainable. My health deteriorated, unveiling diabetes, myriad female health issues, severe anxiety that crippled my ability to even leave the house, and medication-induced seizures. The cycle of medication only begot further complications, leaving me on a staggering 27 medications, far from any semblance of healing for my body, mind, or spirit.

Yet, in the midst of this despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. A documentary, ‘The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness,’ spoke to my soul, igniting a quest for authentic healing. I delved into alternative healing methods, seeking truths beyond conventional medicine.

Today, I am the founder of Harvester Healing, an Energy Healing practice established in 2018. Alongside being a hospice nurse, end-of-life coach, and licensed spiritual minister, teacher and Grief Recovery Specialist with Grief Recovery Institute, I’ve immersed myself in various healing modalities: Reiki, Chiron, reflexology, sound, crystal healing, and even learning from Shamans in Peru about plant medicine. My dedication led me to One Light Healing Touch modality, a profound system that intertwines these modalities, unlocking a deeper understanding.

In my pursuit, I have found the profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit. I offer holistic, alternative healing modalities that resonate deeply with those seeking Reiki energy healing for stress relief, chakra balancing, and distance energy healing sessions. My practice focuses on emotional healing through energy work, offering spiritual and crystal healing techniques as part of a comprehensive approach to holistic healing.

My purpose is clear: to share these sacred healing modalities, guiding others towards genuine emotional, physical, and spiritual restoration.”