About Tereasa

A little about me. I am a wife, Mother and Grandmother. My decline in health was a work in progress most of my life. A rebellious teen, pregnant by 16, abusive relationship, addictions, anxiety, depression. In 2008 I met and fell in love with a man I wanted to be better for. For 15 years we had a deep rooted love. Then he was taken from my reality by a massive heart attack. My spiral back into darkness began again. As a result, in 2017 I was at the brink of death not once, but twice with sepsis, a blood infection that almost killed me. After the loss of my husband, I was using alcohol, and other addictions, as an escape from my emotions. I did not want to feel that pain, that grief, that utter loss. The energy of suppressing those emotions, of not wanting to feel anything painful began to take a toll on my life. We can only suppress emotion for so long. I was diagnosed with diabetes, and a multitude of female issues, I became depressed, I suffered from anxiety so bad I didn’t leave my house, I couldn’t drive a car, because the medications I was put on to treat my symptoms, induced seizures. I was in this vicious cycle of needing another pill to combat the side affects of the one before it. I was on 27 different medications, none of which were bringing about any kind of healing to my body or mind. Definitely not to my spirit
And finally my body gave out completely.
This led me to research what true healing was.
I came upon a documentary called The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness It spoke to me on such a deep level, as it has for so many searching for answers. That was it that is what I was looking for, true healing. I found hope that day. I began seeking out alternative ways to heal.
I am now the owner of Harvester Healing an Energy Healing practice that has been in business since 2018. I am also a hospice nurse, an end of life coach, and a licensed spiritual minister and teacher. I have trained in several healing modalities, Reiki, Chiron, reflexology, sound, crystal healing. I’ve also worked with Shaman in Peru learning plant medicine. The training I share as an instructor is from OLHT modality. I loved OLHT so much that I wanted to share with the world.  And all these modalities I have trained in, offer their own sacredness to healing your body, mind, and spirit. There’s not one that’s ” better” than the other. But for me, the teachings of OLHT had a true calling to my spirit. And these teachings connected all the modalities for me on a deeper level of understanding. 

I am grateful for my purpose of bringing this healing work to others.