Take this opportunity and learn Scanning, Radiant, and Distant Healing


Take this opportunity and learn Scanning, Radiant, and Long Distance Healing and experience a powerful one-day training from our renowned International Energy Healing and Mystery school. It’s time to release years of accumulated stress and emotional programming. Deepen your spiritual connection while exploring the ancient, spiritual art of hands-on healing. Learn how to access, strengthen and apply the healing energies that we all possess. This training enhances the immune system, clears emotional and physical blockages, increases understanding and awareness and brings greater balance to the Body, Mind and Spirit. Learn & Experience: The Six Sacred Self-Healing Practices to deepen our personal healing and increase spiritual awareness: meditation, visualization, sound work, breath work, movement and sacred ceremony. The Acclaimed “Nine Point Protocol” that teaches us to perform healings in a protective and ethical manner. Scanning, Radiant, and Long Distance: three profoundly effective healing techniques that help us to heal our family, friends, clients and ourselves.
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Glennville, GA