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Harvester of Healing is a multifaceted sanctuary where we cater to various aspects of healing—be it for the body, mind, or spirit. Our haven, nestled in the tranquil embrace of Glennville, GA, amidst the serene beauty of nature, serves as the perfect backdrop for our array of energy healing and spiritual services.

The fusion of Shamanic and Eastern medicinal practices takes place against the serene canvas of our sacred space, ensuring personalized and attentive care for our visitors. Here, amidst the nurturing elements of the Earth, we foster the journey towards holistic healing and spiritual awakening.

Our property invites exploration, offering wooded trails and meditation spots, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the therapeutic embrace of nature. And for those seeking our services in Savannah, our second location in the historic city awaits.

Experience the potency of energy healing through our comprehensive holistic services. From stress relief techniques to chakra sessions and distance healing, our adept practitioners specialize in an array of holistic therapies, including spiritual practices, sound, and crystal healing.

Moreover, as licensed ministers, we extend our services beyond healing, encompassing spiritual milestones like weddings, funerals, home blessings, cleansings, monthly full moon ceremonies, sound and Cacao ceremonies, and end-of-life care with certified death doulas.

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What Our Clients Say?

Barbara EddyBarbara Eddy
02:55 19 Dec 21
This afternoon I was introduced to the Ionic mat,the experience was awesome she was using some sound and vibration during the first part of the session then I laid there relaxing.after getting up from the math noticed I had no pain in my neck and no stiffness in my knee.i highly recommend her service.
Tabitha SettoTabitha Setto
01:59 18 Dec 21
As an individual who has anxiety along with many other stressors, this stress relief class/meditation was very healing. It was a way to slow my pace and truly breath for me. Wonderfully taught with great coaching and imagery to bring you a calming effect.
Sarah CudaSarah Cuda
23:49 17 Dec 21
If you are looking for a healer, that has the ability to bring knowledge, energy movement, and help you, Tereasa is who you should put your trust in. She has always helped to show me how to ground, heal body aches through energy movement, and is the most calming presence to be around.Her knowledge of spiritual and healing practices, are those of a natural healer. Tereasa will be able to help in areas you didn't even know you needed help with, through working with you, and helping you to help yourself. The Harvester of Healing is the real deal and one you can trust. Book your session yesterday!
Shelly LamontShelly Lamont
03:02 17 Dec 21
I was guided to Tereasa several years ago, when I became interested in energy healing. Since then I have become a Reiki Master myself. Tereasa is one of the most powerful & to the point healers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Just being in her presence elevates your vibration. She will forever have my upmost trust, respect, and gratitude as a soul healer, mentor, teacher, and guide. Through her guidance, healing sessions, and infinite knowledge of spiritual & energetic medicine my life has transformed in miraculous ways. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Nicole TysingerNicole Tysinger
01:40 01 Dec 21
What an amazing person and experience! Tereasa always goes above and beyond my expectations. I feel so good after my healing sessions with her. The full moon ceremonies are also something everyone should experience. I wish I could give 10 stars!!

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